Pinestone – a gift of tea


These days we are thinking more about both food and drink. Yes, homemade cocktails have become popular but those days at home are long, and few things are as refreshing as a cuppa tea. Pinestone is a company which specialises in importing authentic Chinese teas to the UK and they also promote the following core values:

Everyone in the tea supply chain deserves to be treated with respect, paid fairly, and afforded good working conditions.

  • All tea should be ethically sourced and fully traceable.
  • Businesses should make more effort to be fully carbon neutral.
  • Packaging should be recyclable as far as possible with minimum use of plastics. (That packaging is gift quality.)
  • Green tea is a beverage with proven physical and mental benefits and should be available to be enjoyed by the whole world.

The Pinestone team work with a scheme called the Danzhai Poverty Alleviation Tea Garden in the Guizhou province of China. The scheme addresses unemployment in the tea-growing sector and has established a 1,000-acre tea garden. By sourcing their tea from this scheme, Pinestone helps to create and sustain jobs. Tea plants from this scheme will soon be open to Pinestone Tea customers in the UK to adopt. The details will be announced soon on the Pinestone website.

Pinestone Tea varieties can be bought separately, or together in a Luxury Green Tea Gift Set from the Pinestone Tea website or Amazon.  All orders over £20 have FREE next day delivery.

In the sumptuous Gift Box you will discover:

100g Jasmine


Jasmine is a favourite the world over. The tea is harvested in Zhejiang province in spring but stored carefully until summer when jasmine flowers are picked and mixed with the tea. Overnight, the flowers open, infusing the tea with their wonderful fragrance. In the morning they are separated, and the process is then repeated 7-9 times, with new flowers being added each night.

100g Lung Ching

This stunning tea, also known as Dragon Well, is unrivalled in quality and taste experience. It must be produced in the traditional, hand-panned style to bear the world-renowned Lung Ching mark. 18 bushes were granted imperial status during the Qing Dynasty; those trees still exist, and their tea sells for a higher price per gram than gold.

100g Chun Mee

Bringing this tea from the plantation to your pot truly is a labour of love! Also produced by hand, it requires no fewer than ten different hand movements to shape, turn and press the leaves to create the perfect combination of aroma, flavour and colour. Expert handlers, using methods perfected over many generations, meticulously prepare the leaves to produce the highest quality tea.


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