Baccalarius – Domaine de Bachellery

Pays d’Oc IGP – Red wine

Domaine de BachelleryWhen we were living in France I would not have promoted the wines of Pays d’Oc, preferring to keep them a delicious secret for us locals. Now we are back in the UK we are grateful that the UK has found them. Baccalarius from Domaine de Bachellery is a fine example of the winemaking craft in that oft-underestimated region.

The Domaine de Bachellery is a wine estate in the Languedoc region in the South of France, not far from the Spanish border, with a coast along the Mediterranean. The most prominent city is Béziers which is one of the oldest cities in France, dating back to 575 BC. Wine was once exported to Rome, so the pedigree is unquestionable.

A dynasty

This Domaine has been in existence since the Middle Ages, and in the early 1980s the Domaine was purchased by the Julien family, a dynasty of generations of winegrowers. Bernard Julien has renewed the vineyard, Yannick Julien looks after vinification, and Brice Julien takes care of the commercial aspects of the business. They constitute the fifth generation of winemakers.

Baccalarius from Domaine de Bachellery is impressive before the cork is even pulled. The striking label resembles a handwritten document, adding even more gravitas to the bottle. The wine is from old Grenache vines, aged in oak and bottled in 2016.

This is perfect for enjoying with rich meats and mature cheeses. But it’s also delicious as a sipping wine for these winter evenings sitting by the fire or just watching a romantic film. It’s almost Valentine’s so this could be the beverage of choice presented with a plate of delicate savouries. It’s a winner and great value for money.


Aged in oak barrels for 12 to 16 months
Alcohol content: 14.5% ABV

Tasting Notes

Appearance: deep red
Nose: luscious red berries, cherries, white blossom
Palate: fresh with perfectly balanced tannins and a hint of spice
Finish: Medium with warming pepper


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