Heck for the young at heart

heck vegetarianWe have just had a little hint of summer and it looks like it’s time to dust off the BBQ. With lockdown it’s probable that we will spend more time grilling for our isolated family unit, so it’s important that we have the opportunity to ring the changes and keep everybody happy. That’s where Heck comes to the rescue.

Heck pride themselves on their farmers’ market quality sausages, and you don’t have to live near a farmer’s market to enjoy them. In fact you don’t even have to leave home to get your hands on their products, as they deliver to your door. That is a bonus for many of us in these lockdown times.

This is a family business, so they are bound to try extra hard to provide satisfaction. They even use fresh herbs instead of the usual dried ones. They have family tastings whenever they launch a new recipe. They are not able to offer their full range at the moment, but they still have an extensive list of sausages and burgers to suit every taste.

Plant-Based Frankfurters

Heck sausages are unique. They are delicate and thin-skinned. They come in both meaty and vegetarian varieties so everybody can enjoy a BBQ. Kids will love the texture and flavour of Plant-Based Frankfurters made from mushroom, carrot, and beetroot with a natural smoky flavour. Do not tell them they are eating veggies, just let them enjoy a healthy and fun meal. These sausages are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians (approved by the Vegetarian Society and registered by the Vegan Society, too). Plus, they are dairy- and gluten-free!heck burgers

Juicy chicken burgers with a flavour of sunny Italy contain basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. These are delicious when served on a focaccia with plenty of salad and perhaps a smear of pesto. A nice garnish of a bottle of red is all that is needed to complete a summer lunch or dinner. These chicken burgers are high-protein and gluten-free.

Heck’s lean gluten-free pork sausages are made with 97% pork. They are a variety of juicy Bratwurst, a popular German sausage and loved by those looking for a hearty banger. This is a great sausage when served on a pretzel roll or a crusty white roll with a spread of tangy mustard.

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Email: sausages@heckfood.co.uk

Phone: 01845 567 709


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