From Gujarat with Love

100 Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Gujarat with loveAuthor Vina Patel now lives in the US although she was born and grew up in Gujarat in India. She therefore has a perspective on which authentic Gujarati recipes will work for an international audience as well as natives of the subcontinent.

The foods of this west-coast region are traditionally boiled, baked, steamed, or stir-fried and so these dishes are somewhat lighter than one might expect. All the recipes here take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables and have easily accessible spices as their cornerstone.

The dishes have sweet, spicy, and sour flavours and there are plenty of ideas here to gladden the hungry hearts of both vegans and vegetarians. There are simple recipes for classic small plates, popular street food, and full-on meals. There are starters and gravy dishes of classic curry, as well as desserts and refreshing drinks.

Classic and new

For those unfamiliar with Gujarati cuisine there is an introduction to cooking techniques, basic ingredients and then it’s on to the recipes for chutneys and other condiments, salads and raitas, along with the essential dals and breads and more.

Each recipe is marked with its suitability for vegans, those needing gluten-free dishes, recipes which are dairy-free and those quick recipes which take less than half an hour to prepare. Recipes include Chickpea Patties, Red Lentil Dal, Potato Curry (which is well worth trying), and Paneer Tikka. There are so many temptations here and I will certainly be cooking my way through this lovely book.

World-renowned food photographer Jonathan Lovekin presents these colourful dishes to great effect and the photographs of Gujarat make From Gujarat with Love: 100 Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes a travelogue as well as an enticing cookbook.

From Gujarat with Love: 100 Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Author: Vina Patel
Publisher: ‎ Pavilion
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1911663867