Foxhole Gin review

Foxhole ginWell, what a surprise. A bottle of Foxhole Gin arrived. The event was no surprise, but the shelf appeal was. There are so many new gins around, but this one grabbed my attention before the nose or palate could evaluate quality.

Each Foxhole Gin bottle is screenprinted by hand with a precious-metal ink, which is fired at a precise high temperature to turn the ink copper. Evidently a very technical process, but I would say it’s worth the effort.

The clear glass bottle isn’t predictable. It’s an elegant burgundy-shaped bottle with a stylish glass stopper. This is such beautiful packaging that it reminds me of the shelves of best Japanese supermarkets. It seems to pay homage to the fox god, Kitsune. Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. A wonderful choice as a logo, although non-Japanese will just think it’s a rather nifty design.

A very individual base spirit

The bottles are also decorated with a custom illustration of vine leaves, reflecting Foxhole Gin’s oenological connections. Foxhole Gin is made from a very individual base spirit. It is a grape marc, a kind of brandy made from a fruity sauce of skins, flesh and pips, a by-product of winemaking that is pressed and the resulting juice collected. It takes two days to distil the wine into grape spirit and another two days to blend it with neutral spirit and those botanicals. It is returned to the still for a second run. No shortcuts here; this is a craft spirit which showcases both the art of distillers and winemakers.

Tasting note:

This is a smooth gin with pleasantly forward grapefruit notes with hints of exotic spice. Although I am tempted to drink this well-chilled in a frozen glass I think the more conventional will enjoy Foxhole with a lightly flavoured tonic and a twist of lemon. Or try this on the rocks with a little soda water. It is outstanding.


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