Family Comforts – Rebecca Wilson

Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together

family comfortsFamily Comforts reflects how lots of us want to eat today. Those sought-after dishes need to be simple to prepare and they would be, for the most part, quick and practical. No chef skills required nor investment in costly equipment nor, most importantly, expensive ingredients.

The dishes here are family friendly. In other words, the kids will likely eat them. There are over 100 recipes, so plenty of choice. There are adaptations to suit your family’s dietary needs available for every recipe: Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Vegan diets. There is advice for batch-cooking, which is an element that most cookbooks overlook but it’s a real time saver.

Family Comforts is a truly comfort cookbook and baby-led weaning book in one: taking the stress out of mealtimes by cooking just once with dishes suitable for babies, that will also be popular with older kids and adults too.

The chapters are divided by meal type from breakfast to dinner, plus slow cooker ideas and desserts. There are plenty of suggestions for storing and using leftovers too and that saves future cooking time as well as avoiding waste – and that avoids wasting money. The dishes here might be child-friendly, but they are not dumbed down.

Comforting texture and great flavour

I have so many pick-of-the-book recipes. Spinach and Garlic Gratin will be gracing our dinner table sometime soon. Bolognese Polenta Bake has comforting texture and great flavour. Hearty Goulash Soup made in the slow cooker is one of the few Hungarian recipes around that really is authentic – tasty, warming and a winter winner. Banana Muffins take advantage of those ripe bananas sitting, unloved, in the fruit bowl. Mince and Onion Pie uses suet in the crust and that is another oft-overlooked ingredient which was once a staple. Delicious!

Truth to tell, I wasn’t expecting Family Comforts: Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together to be quite my cup of tea. I don’t have kids so what was this going to do for me? It gave me a pile of tempting recipes! This would be a great gift for any young family but equally for grandparents and those of us who find comfort in simple good food.

Family Comforts: Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together
Author: Rebecca Wilson
Published by: ‎DK
Price: £18.99
ISBN-13:‎ 978-0241534694