En Passant Rouge 2022

A nomadic spirit.

En PassantThis range of wines is known just as much for its attractive labels as for the wine itself: both are noteworthy. En Passant Rouge 2022  by Domaine Gayda is said to be inspired by the pop-rock anthem by the iconic Iggy Pop touring with David Bowie around Europe. It is said to express a nomadic spirit.

En Passant Rouge 2022 is a harmonious blend of Syrah and Carignan. The Syrah is matured in barrels for more than five years and contributes its expected structure as well as complexity from the wood. Carignan is an important grape in Languedoc where it is prized for its tolerance to heat, and is one of the most widely planted red grapes in France. It adds plenty of fruit and umami notes.

Pairs with an array of foods

It’s a well-balanced wine with plenty of dark fruits. It’s rich yet not too heavy. Open a couple of hours before drinking to allow its character to develop. This good-value wine pairs with an array of foods making this a versatile wine for every occasion. Try with hearty winter dishes as well as chicken and pork. It’s perfect for vegetarians as its balanced tannins and acid complement roasted vegetables when simply dressed with olive oil and Mediterranean seasonings. Also serve at the end of a meal with a cheese board and crusty bread.