Besos de Oro Original Liqueur

Here is something a little different for Christmas. Besos de Oro Original Liqueur. Yes, a cream liqueur …but without cream. It’s perfect for those with allergies as this delicious drink is free from gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, soya – and it’s suitable for vegans.

Besos liqueur small

I am always somewhat wary of the ‘free from’ products as they often seem to compromise at the cost of flavour or texture. No such worries here. This is an authentic liqueur that just happens to suit everybody, and it’s not often one can say that.

Besos de Oro Original Liqueur (‘golden kisses’ in Spanish) is a well-balanced marriage of brandy and concentrated Horchata from Valencia. But what is Horchata? It is a much-loved and traditional Spanish drink made from the tiger nut.  No, dear reader, I have not forgotten that I have promised that this drink is free from nuts and tigers. Tiger nuts are not nuts at all, in the same way that zebra crossings are not made from real zebras. No tigers were hurt in the making of this beverage.

And with chocolate, too…

Horchata smallBesos de Chocolaté infuses this Besos de Oro original brandy and horchata blend, with chocolate, to create an alternative to some other more famous chocolatey examples which are not suitable for lots of folks. It’s full of those healthy non-nut nuts, so perhaps we could consider this as a health drink …almost.

Being 18% alcohol by volume, Besos de Oro Original Liqueur isn’t a half-hearted drink. It’s a creamy and confident party glass and nobody needs to worry about its vegan credentials. Enjoy this simply over ice sitting by the log fire (or radiator) or poured over coffee granita as a rather smart dinner party dessert. Besos de Chocolaté will be the choice of chocolate-lovers who want a distinctive and rich sip. But it’s also a wonder when poured over a good-quality vanilla ice cream for another instant yet stylish dinner finale.


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