Mixologist’s Garden

The Perfect Cocktail Touch.


Mixologist's Garden

It’s the season for entertaining and for many of us that means cocktails. Mixologist’s Garden offers some very classy garnishes to elevate your cocktails to impress your holiday sippers.

The 100% natural fruits are freeze-dried in a flash. No additives, no E-numbers, and no allergy worries – what you see is what you get. Just bags of fruit bursting with flavour, colour, and aroma. They make wonderful drink garnishes but will also offer a little inspiration to enthusiastic home chefs.

Mixologist’s Garden uses hand-selected premium varieties of fruit to fill their handy packs. They’re chosen for their superior quality and ability to maintain flavour and aroma during the freeze-drying process. Produce is primarily sourced from Europe, with the largest citrus suppliers being in Spain, and their berries are mainly sourced from continental Europe too. The strawberries, for example, are grown within a mile of their European freeze-drying facility.

The suppliers follow strict controls for growing and harvesting and are certified by the Global GAP for agriculture. Their factory is certified by the BRCGS and recognised as GRADE A by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which insists on strict controls on factory operations.

Mixologist’s Garden fruits are delicious, vibrant and attractive in drinks and they are a delightful addition when used as bit of extra colour on, for instance, a cupcake.


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