1070 Chicken Goujons and Coleslaw – product review

No, dear reader, that isn’t the number of chicken pieces in a box, even though the serving is generous! 1070 is the name of a company that supplies delicious kosher food to Selfridges and for home delivery. They also cater events, meetings and gatherings of every kind. Learn about some of their other foods here.

There is wisdom in just buying these

I have tried 1070 Kitchen’s classic Chicken Soup (and, yes, it did make me feel better, and thank you for asking) and heartily stuffed sandwiches; but then there are Chicken Goujons. I could have very easily made them at home myself: gone to the supermarket for the raw chicken, ground the breadcrumbs as I don’t like the orange ones from a box, mixed some spices (that’s an accident waiting to happen); THEN: taken that once-used oil from the back of the pantry (the one that smells of cod), and brought it to spitting-heat, coated those chicken bits, and fried! So, perhaps there is wisdom in just buying these perfectly delicious goujons in the first place!

The portion size was perfect for a substantial lunch. The coating was delicately seasoned, and nothing was needed apart from a little green salad along with some 1070 creamy and well-balanced coleslaw – none of that over-thick preparation often found offending on shop shelves. This slaw was light, giving the impression of being quite a healthy partner to the chicken. Another 1070 satisfied customer.  I thank you. My un-oil-splattered hob thanks you!

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