Brockmans Tom Collins

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Sometimes, tradition is best. This is one of those times.

If you’re having cocktails at home, shake up this smooth and elegant Tom Collins cocktail.

Made with Brockmans Gin, the super-premium gin with notes of blueberries, blackberries and bitter-sweet orange peel, this cocktail is quick to create and needs ingredients you may already have in the kitchen. Brockmans’ unique taste makes for a drink that tastes intriguing and complex.

The Tom Collins recipe was first published in the 1870s and there is a good reason it has survived all these decades: this cocktail is sophisticated and refreshing. What didn’t, of course, matter in the 1870s was just how Zoom-worthy this drink is: it looks as good on that party screen as it tastes.

For some professional tips, Brockmans has released a video showing just how to create

this classic cocktail, hosted by Brockmans’ Brand Ambassador, Mike:

Ingredients for our classic Brockmans Tom Collins

Tom Collons45ml Brockmans Gin

30ml Fresh lemon juice

15ml Sugar syrup

60ml Soda water


Blueberries – ideally fresh but frozen blueberries are fine too


However, be creative. During lockdown, if you can’t get hold of soda water, or simply love the taste of lemonade, use slightly less sugar syrup (15ml) and less lemon juice (25ml) and top up with lemonade instead of soda.


Add the gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar syrup and a handful of ice into a shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled tall glass of cubed ice and top up with soda water. Serve with a lemon slice & one or two blueberries.

To buy

To buy Brockmans, head to online retailers including Amazon, 31 Dover, The Whisky Exchange or Master of Malt. RRP £34.

31 Dover is running a promotion from 11 May: whilst stocks last during this month, when you buy 2 bottles of Brockmans Gin  you receive 2 bottles of Schweppes Tonic, 2 bottled of Schweppes Ginger Ale and 2 of Schweppes Lemonade plus 4 Brockmans Gin glasses for just £59.95.

Tasting notes:

Incorporating Brockmans Gin into contemporary or classic cocktails, makes for an exquisitely complex taste due to the distinctive and versatile style of Brockmans Gin. This gin is like no other: so intensely smooth that it can be enjoyed neat or over ice. Using traditional techniques and only the finest botanicals, Brockmans combines blueberries and blackberries with bitter-sweet orange peel, lemon peel and coriander seeds, which harmonise with juniper berries and woody notes to give a smooth and sensuous taste experience.

Brockmans Gin is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and for those following a Gluten Free diet.


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