Bites of ChicP Veggies

ChicP bitesHere we are again with a fresh offering from one of my favourite young companies – ChicP. They have become celebrated for their pots of unique and delicious hummus but now they are presenting something a little more solid: ChicP Veggie Bites!

These addictive nuggets will likely ween your family away from less healthy options. The kids will forgive you for feeding them vegetables (don’t tell them) and will demand more. Won’t that be a refreshing change?

Gluten- and dairy-free

ChicP’s Veggie Bites come in 3 moreish combinations. They are perfect as part of a hot meal and fun to eat as the filling for a tortilla wrap. Sweet Potato and Rosemary Veggie Bites are full of aromatic flavours and are high in protein and fibre, gluten- and dairy-free, completely natural and made from surplus veggies.

Beetroot and Apple Veggie Bites are pleasantly sweet but still healthy, being high in protein and fibre. These, like all the other ChicP Veggie Bites, would work not only as part of a meal but also as nibbles with drinks! It’s al fresco dining season so give your socially distancing guests some snacks that they will want to get close to.

A suspicion of exotic spices

ChicP Spinach, Parsley and Red Pepper Veggie Bites are perhaps my favourite of this delicious trio. They are flavourful, with just a suspicion of exotic spices. These would be a simple starter for an Indian meal.

These Veggie Bites are available at good supermarkets such as Wholefoods and from Ocado and many others. They are worth seeking out, and not just because they are healthy and sustainable but because they taste great! I am a convert.

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