Wild and Game in Marinade

Wild and Game Partridges in Lemon and Chilli Marinade

partridgesIt’s not yet that festive time of year but it’s always time for Wild and Game Partridges. The celebrated Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” mentions these birds and has them sitting atop a pear tree. That is just as unlikely as Lords leaping and maids milking, as partridges are ground-nesting birds!

It’s true: we should all eat less meat but when we do crave a meaty meal then we should choose the best quality. These birds roam free and are delicious and healthy. They are a great centrepiece for those special occasions, but Wild and Game present options that are also great value for money, so will work for a Tuesday treat as well.

Classiest of fast food

Game isn’t complicated to cook and especially when it comes neatly packed and already in its mouthwatering marinade. Add a searing hot pan and perhaps a splash of wine for deglazing, and dinner is ready in the time it takes to cook a couple of side dishes and lay the table. Now that must really be the classiest of fast food.

Wild and Game never disappoint. Their ready-to-cook range is every bit as good as their whole birds and ready-to-eat meals.


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