A Tomahawk from Côte

A substantial dinner.

Tomahawk from CoteWe all need a change from our regular meat choices from time to time, and Côte Brasserie gives us the chance to enjoy something that might be unfamiliar but is definitely memorable. It’s Tomahawk pork chops.

But what exactly is this magnificent cut of meat? A tomahawk pork chop is a thick bone-in pork chop with a long exposed bone that looks like a handle of a small axe, thus the name. It is a bone-in pork ribeye, and that is a tender and moist meat. It both looks and tastes impressive.

The Côte Brasserie Tomahawks come in pairs when ordering their Cook at Home meal box. The meaty duo come with a generous helping of Cassoulet beans and need nothing more than the included ready-to-bake garlic baguette and dessert of your choice. A perfect meal for two for any day of the week, and it’s likely you will have leftovers. This dinner is substantial.

Côte offers no disappointments with their Cook at Home range. I have tried several boxes, and they are all great quality with well chosen products. They present simple solutions to that perennial question of what to have for that special dinner.

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