Wild and Game for Christmas

Wild and GameIt’s that time of year again! We are in gift-giving mode but much of our festive energies are spent on meal planning. The big Christmas lunch is usually a traditional affair so, despite the stress, it’s all sorted. But there is another meal that demands a bit more consideration: Teatime! Wild and Game have the solution.

It’s only a few hours after lunch, but folks still want delicious food that might include something other than those left-overs. Pâté is always a winner, and Wild and Game offer a brace of flavourful and rather smart versions that would be impressive at any time over the winter period, from Guy Fawkes to Burns’ Night.

Wild and Game is a company new to me, but they certainly hit the quality and taste mark with their products. They are a non-profit organisation focusing on introducing the British public to underutilised game meat. It’s been in kitchens for hundreds of years but mostly only gracing the tables of the wealthy and the poachers. These days it’s much more available to the rest of us.

Wonderful stuffing for a chicken breast

Low-cholesterol meat from game birds such as pheasant and grouse is the key ingredient in the pâtés from Wild and Game. They are well flavoured with delicate savoury balance from both bird and spices. Pheasant, Pistachio and Port Pâté at £3.50 for 120g has a good mix of pheasant and chicken liver. This would also make a wonderful stuffing for a chicken breast, along with some caramelised onions and some breadcrumbs to bind. A simple dish made special by the pâté, which seasons the white meat perfectly.Wild and Game

Grouse, Brandy and Herb Pâté at £3.50 for 120g has grouse breast and chicken liver, and would be a great addition to any festive buffet. Nothing needed here apart from some fresh crusty bread and a slab of best butter. This is full of flavour but without the over ‘gamey’ tang which some grouse products present.

So that’s the big spreads planned, then. But how about all those people that we won’t see over those fun-filled weeks? They can be included in your foodie thoughts too! Wild and Game deliver, so one could kill two metaphoric game birds with one stone, or at least a swift swipe of the laptop keyboard. One could order a few of these game items and make up a hamper for loved ones. And, yes, I do hope that some of mine are reading this article!

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