White Miso from Japan Centre.

Savoury Shiro Miso.

Japan Centre Shiro MisoWe have been enjoying Japanese food in restaurants for years and now we have easy access to online ingredients from Japan Centre. Miso is an iconic food, and its delicious umami enhances so many dishes both European and Japanese.

But what is Miso? It is a nutrient-rich, flavourful and versatile paste and is found in several varieties. It is a fermented food and is said to potentially aid digestion and boost the immune system.

Shiro (white) miso is a sweet, mild miso with an earthy yellow hue. It has a more delicate flavour than some of the darker miso pastes due to its shorter fermentation period. This white miso paste is made in Hiroshima, Japan, with natural GM-free soybeans, and contains a high percentage of rice resulting in a subtly sweet miso that is great for adding flavour to a range of dishes.

Served at almost every meal

Japan Centre Miso AubergineIf one has visited Japan, then miso soup will be familiar. It is served at almost every meal.  I use it when making Japanese-inspired noodle soups with just a few veggies, an egg yolk for richness and some leftover chicken. It’s an economic dinner, and comforting too.

Miso is tasty when spread over grilling fish. Part grill the fish before smearing on the paste and continue grilling. Vegetarians will be delighted with aubergine prepared in the same fashion. It’s lovely when used as a dressing for simply steamed vegetables such as broccoli or green beans. Add to a salad dressing to pour over finely shredded white cabbage to serve along with Japanese breaded pork chops.

Japan Centre has 300g of Shiro White Miso for just £2.20. That is an outstanding price.

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