Davenport’s Chocolates for Easter

Davenport eggShops have been awash with Easter chocolate since Boxing Day. Eggs have filled shelves for a couple of months. There is confectionery to thrill every sweet-loving kid. But eggs to impress a discerning adult are as rare as hen’s teeth! Davenport’s Creative Artisan Chocolates come to the rescue!

Davenport’s artisan chocolatier, Jane Williams (neé Davenport), presents chocolates of every kind with contemporary design but with respect for the best of chocolate-making traditions. Jane trained under a Swiss Master Chocolatier, Philippe Burger. A professional chocolatier since 2000, Jane has made chocolates for the Queen and for Ant & Dec’s Breakfast Show, as well as for celebrated restaurants. Davenport’s Chocolates was born in September 2007.

Decorated by hand in unique fashion

Davenport’s Easter Egg filled with Spring Salt Ganache Truffles is attractive and sophisticated. It stands tall and elegant on its pedestal, surrounded by its generous cellophane wrap tied with a blue ribbon. Each shell is double-moulded to create a thick layer of milk chocolate, which is then decorated by hand in unique fashion. This egg is substantial, and that chocolate is silky and melts marvellously in one’s warm expectant mouth. I hope this isn’t sounding too much like chocolate porn, but that melting is an indication of quality chocolate.

This egg has a bonus of a filling of ganache truffles and they are smooth and addictive. One might suggest that these enrobed delights are perfect for sharing. Yes, that is true but it’s unlikely that any lucky recipient will want to share either shell or contents.

Davenport’s Creative Artisan Chocolates are new to me, but I have enjoyed this egg immensely and look forward to seeing more of their stylish and delicious products in the future. This must surely be a company worth watching.

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