We Love Cake… and Tarts… and Puddings

Plant Based and Sweet.

we love cake lemon tartsPlant based, gluten, wheat and milk-free pre-baked goods have been with us for a good while now. But up until a few years ago I would view them with scepticism. Those ‘free-froms’ seemed free of everything that made eating a joy. Times have changed and now we can enjoy delicious treats from the likes of We Love Cake.

The We Love Cake journey began back in 2002, when second-generation family business owner Michael Bell tried to live as a Coeliac for a week. He was unsurprisingly dissatisfied with everything he tasted, not least the free-from cakes he reluctantly ate. By the second day of the week-long trial he decided to build a dedicated gluten, wheat and milk-free bakery, the first of its kind. This bakery would go on to develop and bake those delicious but free-from cakes.

I have tried Lemon Tarts and Caramel and Chocolate Tarts, along with Choc-A-Lot Pudding and Sticky Toffee Pudding. All of them were gluten, wheat and milk-free but nothing was missing in either the taste or texture department. The Lemon Tart was zesty and fresh and the Chocolate Tart was rich; both had rather good pastry and that is the element that often lets down a free-from dessert. The puddings were moist and decadent and would please the whole family.

We Love Cake offers a selection of sweet temptations that are not a compromise but rather an alternative to be enjoyed by everybody. They are attractive, delicious and convenient.


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