The Friendly Spirit.

Tovaritch CocktailDespite its Russian name, TOVARITCH! is made from 100% European wheat and is bottled in Latvia, part of the EU. The name means ‘friend’ and we all appreciate those. Although this vodka was originally made in Russia, in response to the war against Ukraine the company’s Swiss owners have moved production to Latvia and no longer trade with Russia.

TOVARITCH! is a smooth and polished representation of a recently rediscovered 200-year-old family recipe, launched by Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani, who is the founder and CEO of this brand.  Count Jule Rene Litta, the Order of Malta’s ambassador to Empress Catherine II in St. Petersburg, was allowed to develop a premium vodka with the master distillers of the imperial court. Using his ancestor’s original recipe as their inspiration, Eugenio Litta Modignani and his team have produced a vodka so elegant that it can be sipped neat.

Won 145 industry awards

The TOVARITCH! profile comes from the distilling process. It is distilled five times and filtered 10 times! This removes any impurities and adds improved texture and clarity in the final spirit. TOVARITCH! has won 145 industry awards, making this the world’s most highly awarded vodka.

The bottle is angular and statuesque. Its blue label has shelf appeal. The clear spirit within is a joy to taste at room temperature. Some vodkas have an oily mouthfeel but TOVARITCH! is clean with fresh zesty aromas. On the palate it’s stone fruit and hints of warming spice. For a totally different experience place the bottle and a small glass in the freezer for a few hours. Sip this slowly. This delightful vodka is not for the shot-shooting market.

You’ll find it in Amathus Drinks and good online drinks retailers, priced at around £23-25 (RRP).