Topaz Blue Premium Gin by Aldi

Topaz blueAldi have done it again! Topaz Blue Premium Gin is perhaps one of the best Premium gins around considering its very attractive price point. Its blue-backed bottle has shelf appeal and is rather reminiscent of another gin with a similar azure hue.

Aldi say, ‘Topaz small-batch, hand-crafted superior gin is a testament to the passion and artistry of our distiller’. That is quite a statement but likely garnished with some truth. Topaz Blue certainly offers all the hallmarks of a carefully produced spirit.

Distilled in limited batches

Topaz Blue presents wild botanicals and seledistilled in limited batchescted fruits which are . The label doesn’t state that a Carter Head still is used just like Bombay Sapphire but it’s possible. It’s a device that allows delicate plants, fruits and flowers to be distilled without creating unwanted flavours.

Appearance: Blue tint when in the bottle. Colourless and crystal clear in the glass, with modest legs.

Nose: juniper and earthy spice, hints of refreshing citrus. A little pineapple and a suspicion of berries.

Palate: Light aromatics presenting coriander and plenty of fruit.

Finish: Medium finish and light mouthfeel

Topaz Blue Premium Gin by Aldi is a value-for-money spirit and ideal for sipping with a classic tonic and a slice of lemon. A good solid gin.



ABV: 40%

Body: Medium bodied

Bottle Size: 70cl


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