Middle Eastern Mezze Unearthed

unearthed medIt’s summer and we crave al fresco meals. Unearthed is a company which will come to the rescue with some delicious pre-prepared dishes that will work perfectly at home in your garden. They are packed for ease of transportation, so a picnic further afield could also be in order.

Unearthed – ‘Discover a World of Flavour’ – is a company with a wide selection of foods suitable for al fresco meals, or casual meals at any time of year. Their Middle Eastern Mezze selection is brand new and tempting. They just need plating at home, or serving straight from the tub if you are enjoying the countryside or the beach.

A taste of the Med without a flight

I have tried three Unearthed Middle Eastern Mezze and they are great quality and ideal for a taste of the Med without a flight. Whipped goats’ cheese with roasted butternut squash and chickpeas in a preserved lemon dressing and topped with pumpkin seeds would be a sunny and flavourful partner to some flatbread. If you are at home, then give that bread a moment under the grill to warm and to create a bit of a crunch.

Chargrilled red and yellow peppers in a Ras el Hanout dressing with pine nuts, and everything topped with sultanas, would be a colourful addition to any salad platter. It has flavour and texture and would ideally be served well chilled.

unearthed med dukkahUnearthed roasted aubergine and tomato topped with North African-inspired Dukkah makes a wonderful cold dish as part of a summer buffet. It also makes a flavourful side dish to barbecued meats and in particular a butterflied leg of lamb. Its vibrant favour would add another dimension to a meat which can be a little greasy.

Middle Eastern Mezze from Unearthed will be welcomed by those who are strapped for time but want to present meals that are attractive and delicious and available from Waitrose! Carrie Hollis-Patel, Senior Brand Manager for Unearthed, says: “Our small, shareable plates mean consumers can enjoy a range of traditional Middle Eastern flavours in one meal – ideal for sharing with loved ones as the nation reunites. Each dish has been created by our passionate Unearthed team, which immerses themselves in local culture, tradition and ways of life so we can understand the special foods that bring friends and family together.” A nice sentiment.


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