Things to do in Mauritius

sea urchinThings to do at Outrigger Mauritius

This hotel makes a wonderful relaxing retreat, and it can also act as a hub from which to visit other parts of the Island. But there are lots to do within the resort for all the family.

The lagoon location will give both children and adults the opportunity to spend time with colourful fish and coral. The water is only a few feet deep so kids will gain confidence in such a safe environment. Snorkelling equipment is available at the hotel, but do consider taking a waterproof camera for some up-close-and-personal shots of fish, who are quite happy to swim with visitors. Swimming shoes are also a good idea to avoid stepping on sea urchins or sharp coral.

cocktailOutrigger also has a glass-bottomed boat for those who want to see coral life but without getting their feet wet. It’s safe fun for very small children as well as non-swimmers. It gives a unique perspective to both the lagoon and also the resort, which can be seen from another viewpoint.

But there are things to do in the shade. Outrigger offers the chance to learn a little more about the food of Mauritius – by cooking it! The able chefs will teach the eager chef-wannabes how to prepare a few dishes, and one can take the recipes home as a long-lasting souvenir. The cooking class also includes a lesson in cocktail making, and that is a very agreeable start to a few hours in a professional kitchen.

The concierge at Outrigger will be happy to introduce some off-site tours to give an overview of this island paradise.


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Food Buddies

food buddies

Food Buddies sounds like the title you would give to some of your closest friends. It is in fact an organisation offering tours to introduce visitors to the authentic food of Mauritius. One can discover the culinary delights of the capital, Port Louis.

Each tour, and there are several covering different towns and villages, is led by a local guide. There is no substitute for local knowledge and passion when it comes to food. You will be introduced to Mauritian markets, bakers, street food and traditional dishes. The visitor will taste here, nibble there, and sip sugar-cane juice by stalls of colourful fruits.

Bring comfy shoes and an elastic waistband, and all will be well.


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But perhaps the visitor might be more interested in history, and Mauritius does have a lot of that.


Bay2Bay Tour

Once again, it’s important to have a local guide to get the best out of any trip. It’s wonderful to hire a car and just drive around and enjoy the countryside, but there are so many hidden stories that one would likely miss.

Bay2Bay Tours will show the remains of the island’s historical sugar industry, some lavish château living, the Heritage Nature Reserve, the monument to Matthew Flinders, and much more. Each stop will have its own scenic beauty or historic insight. There are tales of shipwrecks, hidden treasure, and pirates!


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