The Lake District with Marco Polo

Holidays in the UK are becoming more popular. The shrinking pound has perhaps encouraged people to look at what England has to offer. The Lake District is beautiful, mostly tranquil, and perfect for outdoor pursuits. Those who have already visited will return year after year. It must have something special!

Marco Polo Guides has a wealth of information in one slim volume. The pocket-sized book has a wallet with a full-size map as well as some smaller-focused maps of town centres. Yes, there are towns and they offer plenty of retail therapy for the occasional wet day. One can buy trendy outdoor clothes or even traditional gingerbread – and a teashop is never far away!

The book follows the tried and tested Marco Polo format and that includes online add-ons. There is advice about where to find good food and drink as well as particular sights and places of interest in each district. There is more to see and do in The Lake District than one would expect, and plenty for all the family.

Spas, shops and pubs

The Lake District with Marco Polo offers advice on planning a tour. The active visitor will enjoy the hiking trails, cycling, fishing and climbing, but the rest of us will not be disappointed with this delightful part of the British Isles. There are spas, shops and pubs in which to linger.

English weather can change very quickly and especially in the Lake District. It’s important to have a real paper map, as routes to somewhere dry might not be well marked, and there isn’t always a phone or GPS signal. It’s a good idea to book hotels and restaurants in advance as these often fill quickly during the summer. Marco Polo will assist with everything necessary for a great and unique vacation.

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The Lake District with Marco Polo
Publisher: MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG
Price: £7.99
ISBN-10: 3829757611
ISBN-13: 978-3829757614