The London Essence Company

Fizz with Flavour.

London Essence CoI confess that these well-crafted mixers are new to me – and what a delightful surprise! The perfectly named company was founded on the banks of the Thames in 1896, where they began by developing striking essences for the city’s finest perfume houses. Sounds like a long way from drinks, but it’s all about fine ingredients in both cases.

The London Essence Company took advantage of a ground-breaking distillation process, along with the skill of layering flavours. They produced first-class essences celebrated for their quality and authenticity of fragrance. That unique heritage continues to inspire, and now they produce a delicious range of drinks with outstanding flavours from those quality ingredients.

Grace the shelves of many high-end bars

I have tasted a couple of The London Essence Company sodas and they can be enjoyed alone or as mixers. Their pure flavours enhance spirits rather than swamping them. These attractive little bottles grace the shelves of many high-end bars. They have a hint of Deco about them and would not be out of place on any classic drinks trolley. The collection includes tonics, sodas, lemonade and gingers, each one low in calories and without artificial sweeteners.

I tasted the pretty Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda which not only looked tempting, but the flavour didn’t disappoint, either. It was clean, light and refreshing, and it didn’t shout ‘low-calorie’. It’s a stand-alone winner when served well-chilled while wearing a flowery summer dress.

My second London Essence Company libation was memorable, and was instantly added to the shopping list! Tropical Roasted Pineapple Crafted Soda was intriguing. The concept, in culinary terms, is not new but how would it work in a drink? It did! It makes for a well-balanced summer sip served over ice with just a sprig of basil by way of a garnish. But try this as a cocktail with vodka or tequila and enjoy the sound of lapping waves and rustling palms (in your dreams). This truly does offer roasted fruity sweetness.

The London Essence Company drinks are available online and from good supermarkets.

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