The Little Book for Cocktail Lovers

Recipes for success.

The Little Book For Cocktail LoversIt’s that time of year when we start to shop for those Christmas gifts for one and all. The Little Book for Cocktail Lovers is the perfect stocking filler for anyone looking for a pocket-sized compendium of mixed drinks.

Do you know the difference between a martini glass and a margarita glass? Or why some drinks are stirred and not shaken? Whether you’re an aspiring mixologist or simply planning the ultimate cocktail party, this book has you covered! Packed within these pages is a selection of showstopper recipes to suit every taste bud, plus craft ideas to add flamboyance to your Old Fashioned and give your Piña Colada pizzazz. With a dash of trivia and a healthy measure of fun, it’s time to make every hour cocktail hour!

In this book you will find: an array of both classic and contemporary cocktail recipes; top tips and tricks for creating the perfect concoction; a comprehensive list of must-have cocktail-making essentials; step-by-step instructions on how to make decorations to jazz up your drinks; fun facts and quotes to entertain your party guests. My favourite recipes include Mint Julep, Bourbon Sour and Dark and Stormy.

The Little Book for Cocktail Lovers
Author: Rufus Cavendish
Publisher: Summersdale
Price: £8.99
ISBN-13: ‎978-1800079830