Terlingham Rosé for Christmas

2022 Pinot Noir and Rondo.

Terlingham RoseThe Terlingham Vineyard owners came from South Africa originally and moved to the UK in 2007. They loved drinking wine but had no wine-making skills. In 2011 they discovered that Terlingham Vineyard was up for sale. ‘Our Grandparents were born and raised in nearby Ashford before emigrating to South Africa. So, coming “home” just felt right’, they explained.

Terlingham Vineyard wines are produced on the same chalk seam as found in Champagne (that other wine-making region), so plenty of potential here. The Rondo vine has a high resistance to winter frost and downy mildew, making this a good choice for growing in the UK with its less than reliable weather.  Pinot Noir is a popular red grape and is grown worldwide. It does particularly well in cooler climates and makes a well-balanced partnership with Rondo to produce this charming and versatile Rosé.

Fragrant, light and dry

Terlingham Vineyard Rosé is a great all-rounder at any time of year. It is delicate pale rink and bursting with red summer berries, with a hint of citrus. It is fragrant, light and dry, making this the perfect partner for a variety of dishes. Serve chilled with your favourite seafood or fish starter for a celebration dinner, but consider this as an attractive pre-dinner sip as well. It is delicious alone or can be made into a spritz with the addition of soda water. Mild canapés alongside would be a rather classy start to any party and it’s vegan friendly, too, so good for a gathering.


Visit the Terlingham Vineyard here to learn more about their wines