The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla Rum

Fruity and rich.

kraken-cherryIf one is looking for a fruity and sweet spirit with a difference, then The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla Rum is well worth a try. The perfect Father’s Day gift for a rum lover.

So many spirit producers seem to try too hard to confection drinks with unique flavour combinations that just don’t work. Kraken, however, has hit upon a marriage of cherry and vanilla which works well with their signature spiced rum.

A Crowd Pleaser

The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla is a fruity and smooth alternative to a classic rum and it’s ideal for sipping. Having said that, it’s a delicious base for cocktails, making it a great crowd pleaser… although I will likely be hiding it away and keeping it for myself. It makes a refreshing and simple cocktail when paired with Coke, but try it in any of your other favourite rum-based cocktails.

The Kraken rum bottles are easy to spot on the supermarket shelves. They have a unique design, being an old-fashioned flagon shape with distinctive sea monster label. They are available from Tesco and online.

ABV 40% vol.


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