The Cherry Tree Delivers

Cherry Tree gifts
It’s almost ‘that time of year’ again. Yes, Christmas, Xmas, the Festive Season, the Holidays, Yuletide. Whatever one calls it those days are just around the corner.

This year has been a strange one and we should all celebrate the fact that 2020 will soon be consigned to history! There is a philosophy that suggests that every hour spent at the dinner table is added to one’s life expectancy. I am assuming that these past months will extend my life!

And speaking of dinner tables – food is a special part of celebrations, and foodie gifts are now more important than ever. There are so many people who deserve a delicious cheering gift this year; and who needs a cuckoo clock, a teddybear-shaped ice bucket, or more pants? The Cherry Tree Preserves Company comes to the rescue.

The Cherry Tree brand was founded in 1997 with a mission to produce the finest Chutneys, Preserves and Marmalades to complement festive meals and more. All their goods are crafted in small batches using traditional recipes for old-fashioned good taste.

Recognised as Supreme Champion

Every batch is sampled by The Cherry Tree chef, who was trained by a fourth-generation master preserve maker, and he has developed an amazing array of both sweet and savoury products. He has spent the last 30 years perfecting those flavours and textures, and creating a product recognised as Supreme Champion at the Great Taste Awards.

The Cherry Tree offers delightful goods and they are of gift quality. There are varieties to suit every taste and every occasion. One can pick already-packed boxes of well-chosen selections, or why not consider a gift certificate so some lucky recipient can enjoy choosing their own jars. Either way these are treats that any gastronome will appreciate.

We might not be able to spend time with all our friends and family this year, but we can send our love in delicious fashion via The Cherry Tree.


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