The Baileys Cookbook

Bakes, Cakes and Treats for All Seasons

Baileys cookbookThat came around quick! It’s heading towards Christmas. Soon it will be time to bring down the Christmas tree from the loft even though it only seems about six weeks since we struggled to put it up there. We seek out gifts and treats for friends and family. And then there are the festive essentials like crackers, nuts and Baileys!

The Baileys Cookbook is a seasonal cookbook but perhaps it could be more of a year-long celebration cookbook. It offers more than 60 recipes for delicious cocktails and smart desserts, comforting puddings, creamy cheesecakes and more.

This book does double duty. It’s the perfect festive cookbook for oneself but it’s also a gift that is bound to be welcomed by any Baileys lover. It’s those recipes that will ensure this volume stays in the kitchen and is leafed through all year long.

Every recipe here is a rich winner but my favourites include Luxurious Truffles which make wonderful hostess gifts when you are invited to dinner with friends. The Salted Caramel Fudge would be equally acceptable, but I would personally keep all that myself. Whoopie Pies will be loved by the whole family and work well with afternoon tea. But, yes, there are those drinks, and a White Russian is a classic. The book is divided by season so it’s easy to find the ideal recipe for each occasion.

The Baileys Cookbook is a lovely little volume and is full of ideas for using that classic liqueur. Some of those recipes are familiar but others are more innovative. Great value for money.


The Baileys Cookbook: Bakes, Cakes and Treats for All Seasons
Published by: ‎HarperCollins
Price: £14.99
ISBN-13:‎ 978-0008454982