The Asian Home Kitchen

Fresh, vibrant dishes from Kuala Lumpur to Kyoto.

asian home kitchenCookbooks are popular, but so many of us are looking for comprehensive content in one volume rather than having to buy a library of books. The Asian Home Kitchen by Leemei Tan-Boisgillot is the perfect volume for anybody wanting to learn to cook classic recipes from across Asia.

This book is a delight and will likely be a page-turner for any gastronaut. There are plenty of pictures to tempt the timid and 110 dishes to encourage the hungry into the kitchen. There is something here for every taste and nothing too intimidating. The Asian Home Kitchen is a culinary travelogue.

Author Leemei Tan-Boisgillot has travelled around, and lived in, countries across Asia and offers tips and tricks for preparing the essential items such as rice. One will be able to offer friends and family fragrant curries, warming noodles as well as refined Japanese sushi. It’s all here.

It’s difficult to pick just a few favourites from The Asian Home Kitchen. I could graze from cover to cover, but if only a few can be listed I would choose flavourful Malaysian Red Curry which takes advantage of tasty chicken legs. Thai Claypot Prawns and Noodles would be wonderful for a casual dinner party; and Balinese Fish Satay would make the perfect starter. Chinese Sizzling Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions is simple and mouth-watering, and needs nothing more than a bowl of plain rice.

The Asian Home Kitchen: Fresh, vibrant dishes from Kuala Lumpur to Kyoto honestly is a one-stop pan-Asian cookbook. The recipes have been thoughtfully chosen to reflect the diversity of delicious Asian food.

The Asian Home Kitchen: Fresh, vibrant dishes from Kuala Lumpur to Kyoto
Author: Leemei Tan-Boisgillot
Published by: Nourish Books
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: 978-1848994089