The Alchemist Cocktail Book

Master the Dark Arts of Mixology

AlchemistIt’s that season of mystery and magic, so The Alchemist Cocktail Book can only add to the festive fun. This striking volume is indeed gift-quality and rather unique. The very cover is intriguing and more reminiscent of Harry Potter than a recipe book. It takes a step away from the usual cocktail book format and will appeal to those who want a little mixology adventure.

Open that tactile white cover and discover 100 ‘spell-binding’ mixed drinks. The first chapter marks a point of difference between The Alchemist Cocktail Book and many others. It’s about foams, infusions and shrubs and much more. It has as much to do with chemistry as bartending, and it’s imaginative and inspiring.

Yes, this book does contain cocktail recipes and even the classics have a twist. There are plenty of drinks which will likely be new to the lucky recipient of this tome. The Alchemist will elevate your mixology skills and give you the opportunity to expand your sipping horizons in memorable fashion.

Recipes include the Pink Fizz Paloma made with IPA. The Grapefruit and Apricot Martini is simple to prepare. The Maple Manhattan has my name on it.  Amaro Mio is a sweet delight. There are plenty of cocktails, so enough to please everybody. Yes, there are lots of mocktails too and they all look just as inviting as their alcoholic siblings.

The Alchemist Cocktail Book will appeal to the experienced mixologist as some recipes here do demand a little effort. However, any novice enthusiast could easily try their hand (and brand-new cocktail shaker) with the classic and untwisted drinks to gain a little confidence.

The Alchemist Cocktail Book
Published: Ebury Press
Price: £16.99
ISBN-13: 978-1529107951