Tesco Finest Wine – Dessert Semillon 2018

A sweet winner.

semillon-dessert-wineLooking for an award-winning dessert wine? Is it going to cost a packet? You may be surprised to learn that Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon 2018 wine from Australia’s De Bortoli family winery is both a winner and affordable. Don’t hear those two words paired together very often these days, but here they are!

De Bortoli Wines is a 3rd generation Australian family wine company established by Italian immigrants Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in 1928. Their son expanded and consolidated the business and now his children have furthered De Bortoli’s reputation for premium wine production, and especially for sweet wines.  Their Botrytised Semillon now enjoys international acclaim.

The winery is located in the Riverina region of south-western New South Wales. It is a land of flat plains, Mediterranean-like climate with plenty of water for irrigation. It is one of the most successful grape-producing regions in Australia, growing 15% of the grapes of all of the country, and 80% of New South Wales’ production. Climatic conditions allow the development of ‘noble rot’ which is the essential natural element for producing noteworthy sweet white wines.

Silky with notes of marmalade

Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon 2018 is honey-sweet and golden. Picked late on the vine, as is traditional with this style of sweet wine, the grapes’ natural sugars are concentrated resulting in a complex wine with balanced and fresh acidity. It is silky with notes of marmalade and stone fruit, with a hint of white blossom. Its delightful character will be welcome at the end of any posh dinner party, and will excite compliments when served as the finale to Christmas dinner.

Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon 2018 is outstanding for its price point. The taste is sweet and so is the price!

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