Terra Delyssa – The Queen of Olive Oil

Ethically Tunisian.

terra-delyssa-evoTerra Delyssa might be a new name to many shoppers, but it gives a nod to mythology and heritage. The brand takes its name from Queen Elyssa, first queen and founder of ancient Carthage. Elyssa (otherwise known as Dido) flees Tyr, Southern Phoenicia, to escape her brother, King Pygmalion, the murderer of her husband. She is accompanied by a few followers, taking with them the agricultural knowledge of her country. The group visits Cyprus and then arrives in Carthage on the coast of present-day Tunisia. Thanks to Elyssa, the cultivation of olives expands throughout the country, as well as other valued produce.

Terra Delyssa supports sustainable farming practices and works to convert deserts into acres of productive olive trees! They are planting over 100,000 trees every year, so transforming desert wasteland into orchards. In the 1990s, the CHO company began selling its olive oil in bulk to co-packers and manufacturers in Europe. They developed Delyssa to be the ambassador brand of pure Tunisian olive oil. They are committed not only to producing high-quality olive oil but also to ensuring that it remains sustainable for future generations and helps improve the social well-being of their farmers.

Terra Delyssa olive oil products are delicious but also beautifully packaged under striking yellow labels. The Terra Delyssa company is a one-stop-shop for all your olive oil needs.

Their farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides on the trees. The olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed within 4 hours to ensure a less than 0.4% acidity for smoothness and balance. This extra virgin olive oil is ideal for salad drizzles, marinades and dressings. It is mild and versatile.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Available in 500ml and 1-litre formats, priced at £6.00 and £9.80, respectively. Look out for the new 750ml format launching in June 2023, retailing at £7.90.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A 500ml bottle priced at £6.70.

Olive Oil Spray: A convenient 200ml bottle priced at £4.60.

Certified Kosher for Passover, Non-GMO Verified. It is gluten free, allergen free and cholesterol free.

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