Tajin for Halloween

Spice up Your Cocktails…and more!

TajinWant some spooky cocktails to get in the spirit of Halloween? Maybe you are hosting a ghostly dinner party or a ghoulish pre-drinks event and are in need of something spicily scary to get your guests in the mood? Tajin has you covered.

From Mexico to UK!

Tajin is a 100% natural dry hot sauce flavour sensation that’s just launched in the UK. It is the perfect cocktail finisher for the spooky season but also for sprinkling on meats and veggies. Its a spicy all-rounder with a unique flavour profile.

Made from a select combination of world class spicy Mexican Chile peppers, with a delicious balance of salt and zesty citrus mixed in, the powder is made with concentrated dehydrated lime and chillies with added salt and is the ideal accompaniment to many drinks. Here are two  Halloween favourites.

tajin bloody mariaTAJÍN’s very own ‘Bloody Maria’ & ‘The Mommy’

Bloody Maria

2 Ounces of Tequila Arette Blanco

4 Ounces of Clamato

½ Once Lemon Juice

4 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce

2 Dashes Tabasco Sauce

1 Pinch of Ground Pepper

Garnish Rim with Tajin Chamoy and Tajin Powder

1 Piece of Celery

tajin-mummyThe Mommy

2 Ounces of Curazao

2 Ounces of Tequila Arette Blanco

1 Cup of Orange Juice

Garnish Rim with Tajin Chamoy and Tajin Powder