A cocktail companion

It’s really summer now. We are enjoying a little more freedom but we have learnt a thing or two over this past year. We have discovered what that extra room is for. It’s called a kitchen and it came with the house. Now we spend time there baking, cooking and exploring cocktails. So it hasn’t all been bad news.

With that new-found interest in all things food and drink comes the joyful exploration of ingredients. SWICILY shouldn’t be missed for all its flavour, health and practical advantages. It’s a natural and organic sugar substitute and a must in any self-respecting kitchen.

SWICILYMediterranean Bio Ltd, the natural and organic sugars company founded by Patricia de Middel Puch, has launched SWICILY; an organic sugar substitute with unique flavour, grown ethically by the local farmers of the sun-kissed island of Sicily. It’s easy to use and great for cocktails, when precise measurements of sweet ingredients can make the difference between a Sour and a tropical punch!

SWICILY is currently available in a 250ml bottle, at a price of £9.00, and sold alongside limited-edition “222 boxes”, priced at £222. Inside each limited-edition box will be a bottle of SWICILY, along with a numbered and signed print of museum-quality art, produced by Cristina de Middel. Her work can be found in such museums as the Tate Modern in London and the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.

SWICILY is a sweet liquid and a natural sugar made with heritage organic grapes. As an unprocessed sweetener, with natural nectar extracted from 2kg of Sicilian grapes per bottle, SWICILY is uniquely able to retain its nutrients and vitamins, lowering its glycemic load and thus reducing calories without sacrificing taste.

Healthier, more luxurious experience

“I wanted to put my years of experience in growing and developing businesses into showing how an ethical food company could become successful. In launching SWICILY, we aim to end the love/hate relationship with sugar and encourage the world to enjoy a healthier, more luxurious experience of food,” said Patricia de Middel Puch.

SWICILY has already been praised by Italian and international cooks alike and has been adopted by such chefs as private cook Miguel Jensen in Denmark, as well as Sindy Lazo, winner of the first US MasterChef Latina. Not only supported by chefs around the world, SWICILY has also found success with the most high-standard customer of them all: the homes of Sicily themselves, and is currently sold on Amazon. It also provides proven health benefits. As Nutritionist Dr S. Castronovo explains, “SWICILY is a sugar with fewer calories per portion, as it is presented in liquid form. It maintains the naturally high sweetening power of grapes, allowing one to obtain a sweetener with lower glycemic load … an unprocessed and unrefined sugar, produced without any chemicals, and therefore safe.”

SWICILY has a vast array of possible applications in the kitchen with just a single artisan bottle. Whether it be as a sugary addition to drinks, glazing over vegetables, a sweetening to baked goods or even cocktail preparations, the possibilities are endless. SWICILY is around 30% sweeter than traditional sugar and acts as a flavour enhancer. Just reduce the traditional sugar dose of the recipe with 30% less weight (i.e., 100g of white sugar = 70g of SWICILY)

Under an ethical, sustainable, positive company, the SWICILY product launch aims to create a healthy, flavoursome and artisan substitute to sugar, bringing the ancient Mediterranean traditions of grape sweeteners from the local Sicilian farmers to the wider world. With just a single bottle of premium SWICILY sweetener, an entire diet can be changed for the better, bringing both new and exciting taste, as well as a nutritious alternative to traditional sugar options.


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