Summer Mix from Lakrids by Bülow

Læmon – Mellow Yellow and B – Passion Fruit.

lakrids summerIn Denmark, Johan Bülow was on a mission to create something special. He developed a range of liquorice which is a Scandinavian and Dutch favourite, and in 2007 he launched his company Lakrids by Bülow. It was a huge success from the moment the shop opened. Læmon – Mellow Yellow and B – Passion Fruit are two delicious parts of the Bülow selection.

The large and stylish jar contains a duo of chocolate-enrobed liquorice with the tang of juicy fruits. Bülow have combined this seasonal Limited Edition, Læmon – Mellow Yellow and B – Passion Fruit, from their Classic Assortment and offered them in a double presentation.

A Winning Combination!

In 2021, Lakrids by Bülow held a competition giving one lucky winner the chance to create their ultimate dream taste. The combination of lemon and liquorice is therefore inspired by the winner’s suggestion, lemon custard!

For the B-Passion Fruit the sweet liquorice is coated in a generous layer of white chocolate and passion fruit. The acidity of the passion fruit is blended with the sweetness of the chocolate to create the perfect bite. The sweet and sour liquorice treats are then finished with a delicate crunchy sugar shell.

I confess that I am already addicted to Bülow liquorice-based treats. They have an adult taste which appeals to those of us who are looking for something a little less sugary than most sweet indulgences.  Læmon – Mellow Yellow and B – Passion Fruit have the perfect balance of chocolatey creamy richness and salty chew from the core of liquorice. Delicious and moreish and the perfect gift for others – and oneself!


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