Sultan Tea

A taste of Morocco for Christmas


sultan range

The Sultan Tea brand has a track record of 80 or so years. It is considered a specialist tea company: all those decades developing unique recipes for tea blends which have been enjoyed in Morocco and around the world.

Moroccan mint tea is a delicious and refreshing staple and is served to both family and guests. But Sultan offers a wide menu of options to suit any time of day, any occasion and any taste. They produce loose leaf packs as well as pyramid tea bags for contemporary convenience.

A consumable gift

It’s been a strange year and that situation is set to continue for months into next year. Christmas might be spent away from our loved ones, and gift-giving will likely be something of an issue. Yes, one can give a book token, socks or a plastic model of Tower Bridge. All very nice and they are light to post but how about a consumable gift? Something that’s always in fashion and doesn’t need dusting.

Sultan Tea offers an impressive range of teas but also tea-related gifts. A traditional Moroccan tea pot will turn that reviving cuppa into an exotic event. Many people also believe that Moroccan tea has various health benefits, although the rest of us just drink it for its comforting flavour profile. Sultan has so many different teas that one is bound to find just the perfect leaf for every lucky recipient. They can deliver to dozens of countries, too!


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