Speakeasy Ice Cream

speakeasySpeakeasy Ice Cream has been created especially for adults with discerning palates. Speakeasy combine rich ice cream with some favourite alcoholic drinks for some exceptional dessert enhancements.

These small tubs are far from the plastic-boxed frozen ice creams that fill the freezer counters of every supermarket. Yes, they have their place, but Speakeasy Ice Creams are sophisticated dinner party fare with a selection of striking flavours to elevate the finale of any smart meal.

Flavours include:

Limoncello with an authentic tang of that iconic Italian liqueur; Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is perfect with chocolate lava cake; Gin is wonderful with lemon or lime tart. Cherry Brandy is brimming with almond notes and makes a delightful partner to any stone fruit; Amaretto is iconic and needs only the partner of a cup of coffee for a light finish to the evening; Spiced Rum marries well with banana cake, or bananas grilled on the barbecue.

Ice cream lovers will doubtless have their own ideas for gastronomic combinations. The flavours are first class representations of their liqueur counterparts.

Each 500ml tub is available from Ocado for £5.99. No, not the cheapest ice cream available but definitely worth the money.



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