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It might sound like a very narrow perspective – Singapore Top Ten. Is that a list of the ten most exciting attractions? Or is it a collection of ten interesting restaurants, perhaps? In fact Singapore Top Ten from Eyewitness Travel has a list of lists.

London asian restaurant review I love Singapore. It seems to offer so much for everybody, whatever their particular interest. It’s compact and manageable. Public transport is easy to use. The city is famously clean and safe, and it’s diverse in every regard. There is such a lot to see and enjoy but most people, unfortunately, only stay a day or two. If you are one of those on a flying visit then you will want a guide which offers suggestions to enable you to cover highlights in a timely fashion.

Singapore Top Ten – Eyewitness Travel is a condensed volume with laminated maps of the central area of The Colonial District and Chinatown, as well as a paper map to fit in a jacket pocket, showing both that area and Little India. These are the places that you won’t want to miss. There is an itinerary for a whole day in Chinatown. It gives metro stops to get you there and a proposed lunch stop.

In fact food is a big part of local culture. Singapore is blessed with a wealth of culinary options. There is the unique Peranakan cuisine as well as Malay, Chinese and Indian. Celebrated chefs from all over the world are opening restaurants here, but the home-grown talent still shines bright. But you will likely want to try the iconic dishes at the food courts which offer traditional plates and local specialities at very reasonable prices.

You can enjoy casual grazing along with the locals. Try Kaya Toast, Chilli Crab for spice lovers, and the ubiquitous Chicken Rice for those who prefer something mild and savoury. You will also find stalls selling freshly made exotic fruit juices.

Singapore Top Ten – Eyewitness Travel gives a concise overview of the best of Singapore. Culture, history, sights, shopping and, yes, food. You will take this book with you on your first short trip but you will keep it for the next, longer, visit. There are tens of tens of things to see and do in this vibrant and friendly city.

Singapore Top Ten – Eyewitness Travel
Published by: Dorling Kindersley
Price: £7.99
ISBN 978-1-4053-6098-2


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