Seggiano for Christmas

…and every other day

David and Peri met in the airport in Rome back in 1985 and discovered a common interest in Italian food. A few years later they launched a small batch of premium Lunaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced on their Southern Tuscan farm. They started scouring Italy for other dedicated producers who shared their vision of a company specialising in quality Italian food.

Chocolate panettoneSeggiano has partnered with producers of outstanding regional foods and taps into that country’s varied landscape, climate and culture. These goods are not necessarily expensive, but they have been chosen for their authenticity and outstanding quality.

I have tried a couple of Seggiano products which would be perfect for the festive season, and they didn’t disappoint. They would be delightful gifts for any discerning food lover, and just as wonderful for keeping at home.

Panettone has long been a feature at this time of year even in UK homes. Seggiano offers a rather special alternative to the expected fruit-bejewelled variety. It’s the Rich Chocolate Panettone and it will gladden the heart of any chocolate lover. It’s delicious simply sliced and enjoyed with a nice cup of tea but it makes a striking and easy dessert when made into a decadent bread and butter pudding …without the need of butter!

This chocolate panettone is baked in small batches by a master baker in his family bakery in Brescia. Like all Seggiano cakes their chocolate panettone is made with organic eggs and butter and has a 5-month shelf life. It contains 26% dark chocolate.

Seggiano Fig Ball

The beautifully presented Baked Fig Ball really adds something special to a cheeseboard. A charming change from the expected pickled onion. These are handmade in traditional fashion in Calabria in southern Italy where it is a speciality. It is a leaf-wrapped package of celebrated Dottato figs which have been slowly cooked in their own juices; they are shaped into balls and wrapped in fig leaves. The slow baking brings out their rich natural sweetness.  The fig ball can be used as a topping for ice cream, served with cheese or even dipped into melted chocolate – perfect with an after-dinner coffee or a glass of brandy.

Seggiano have a wide array of tempting products to suit any taste and any occasion. They are all carefully made by producers who are passionate about the foods they make, as is the company which sells them.


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