Coastal Gin – Bottle & Pouch Set

The gift that keeps on giving

bullards costal ginBullards have created a distinctive gin and it’s been inspired by Norfolk, with its coast and its wooded landscape. The company has been around in that county since 1837. The convenient Coastal Gin set with its blue azure-coloured bottle and pouch combination is bound to be a hit this festive season. Yes, this is indeed a practical gift, and one might be impressed by the ecologically-friendly concept; but one will need to know that this gin is worthy of the well-crafted bottle and that new-age recyclable pouch.  In my opinion it is.

How it works

Bullards present A Bottle for Life plus an Eco-Refill Pouch to top up with when you’re running low on your chosen gin. Every bottle you reuse will help to reduce the impact on the environment. The Eco-Refill Pouches use less energy to produce, transport and deliver. Reuse your Bottle for Life and help to reduce your carbon footprint. Very topical.

Buy an Eco-Refill Pouch when it’s time to fill up that blue bottle. The new pouch arrives in a letterbox-friendly package so you won’t have to stay home waiting for the postman. Just pour the gin from the Eco-Refill Pouch into your Bullards Bottle for Life and relax.

Next put the empty pouch in the post box and it will be returned to the distillery. No need for a stamp. Bullards recycle it with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution. The Eco-Refill Pouches are sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products.

OK, So it’s plastic. We have all this plastic so we must use it responsibly. It won’t just go away, so we must take advantage of it when practical. We need to recycle it rather than producing more. If we use existing plastics, then we save other resources. Recycling is the key.

By changing to a Bullards refill pouch you save money on your gin! They pass production and transportation cost savings on to you. They also offer free postage within the UK on Eco-Refill Pouches purchased online. That’s worth having.

The Gin

This complex and rather appealing spirit has great character. It has layers of notes from both land and sea. There is a waft of salty tang. One can sense the flavours of aromatic pine, and there is the pronounced taste of fennel. It has my imagination racing with ideas for not only cocktails but sauces for either fish or chicken. Bullards Costal Gin offers a host of possibilities.

But there is subtlety here too. The richness of evergreen is balanced with a little citrus. Bullards Costal Gin makes a refreshing G&T with a simple garnish of a slice of lime – although I hear that isn’t native to Norfolk. I would suggest a neutral tonic water to allow the gin to take centre stage.

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