Rock Rose Gin’s latest Thai-inspired cocktail recipe

  PLUS a summer bundle deal saving you £10

In a nod to exotic travel, Dunnet Bay Distillers has released a new and exotic cocktail recipe: the Thai Gin Fizz. There is also an exciting Summer Bundle offer for Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition.

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The Thai Gin Fizz Cocktail

This is a twist on the traditional gin fizz but with heat from a home-made galangal or ginger syrup. It’s the perfect sundowner, whether you find yourself in Thailand or in Caithness, where Rock Rose Gin is made, or anywhere in between. The Thai Gin Fizz is a long and refreshing drink with ‘bite’ that is perfect for late summer evenings.

The recommended spirit for this refreshing concoction Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition (41.5% ABV) priced at £39 for a ceramic bottle or £32 for a refill pouch.  Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition contains botanicals cultivated in the distillery’s own garden, including lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadowsweet, and elderflowers. See below for the recipe.

Summer Bundle Offer

To celebrate the brand’s birthday, Dunnet Bay Distillers is launching a special offer. This includes a full-size bottle (700ml) of Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition in a ceramic bottle-for-life; a 700ml Summer Edition Refill Pouch; and a beautiful, delicately branded Rock Rose Gin glass all for £71 with free delivery (waived on all purchases of £50+). This offer saves you £10 on these items if purchased individually. The bundle is available from the now until 28 August only from the distillery’s own e-shop.

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Recipe for Rock Rose Thai Gin Fizz             


50mls Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition

25mls Lime juice

25mls Sugar syrup simmered with lemongrass and galangal for 10 minutes then left to cool (can use ginger if you can’t get galangal.  Make a bigger batch of the syrup so you can use it again)

1 Fresh lime leaf

Soda water to top up

Garnish:  Desiccated coconut mixed with chilli powder to coat rim of glass and a whole fresh chilli (optional)


Coat the rim of a Collins glass with sugar syrup then dip into the chilli and coconut mix to coat the rim.  Add the Rock Rose Gin, sugar syrup, lime juice and lime leaf to a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake.  Pour into the glass over ice, then top with soda water. Garnish with a chilli, fresh lime and edible leaves.