Recipe Scrapbook by Caroline Brewester – review

Recipe Scrapbook This has got to be a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves cooking, recipes and collecting. It might just be called a “Scrapbook” but this is a sumptuous volume that might even become an heirloom!

There are sixteen wallets which are double-sided giving thirty-two different sections covering desserts, fruit, meat, pasta and any culinary heading you can think of. The idea is that you collect recipes from magazines, friends and family and you use the wallets to store them and keep them in order. There’s plenty of space so it’ll take you a while to fill.

Caroline Brewester has given you a start to your collection by including 80 delicious and international recipes. The Fish wallet offers five recipes, four of which are printed in the scrapbook, the fifth a very realistic “airmail letter” with a recipe for Grouper. The “letter” comes from Lebanon where a friend is taking a holiday. Several other wallets contain similar letters or pre-printed postcards with recipes. These cards are handy as you can, if you want, send them to friends.

The Recipe Scrapbook is made of good quality card and has sturdy binding. It’s not a flimsy notebook and its photo album size means that it’s not going to get lost amongst your regular cookbooks. If you take the time to collect your own recipes you’ll soon find that you have compiled the best cookbook in the world, unique to you and every recipe a winner!

Recipe Scrapbook
Author: Caroline Brewester
Published by: Duncan Baird Publishers
Price: £16.99
ISBN 978-84483-694-9


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018