Fabulous Food by Sophie Michell – review

OK Magazine has described Sophie Michell as ‘The Culinary Princess’ and she has indeed packed a lot into her career and she is still a youngster.

Fabulous Food Sophie’s love of cooking started at the age of three when she would play with her toy cooker; by ten she was baking her own cakes and by fourteen she was a professional.

Sophie moved to London and studied at Butler’s Wharf Chef School for her Advanced Chef Diploma. She then went to work in some of the capital’s best restaurants, including The Greenhouse, The Lanesborough, and The Embassy.

She competed in, and won, numerous competitions which resulted in her being nominated, at the age of 19, for The Craft Guild of Chefs ‘Young Chef of the Year’ Award. Not too shabby!

Fabulous Food – Sexy Recipes for Healthy Living is the full title. It’s a pretty book with attractive typefaces and superb photographs by Chris Alack. The dishes look wonderful and the added bonus is that they are healthy.

Sophie has a passion for good food (perhaps we all should) and has first-hand experience of both weight and health issues. She read a pile of diet books that all gave a negative message that weight loss meant unpleasant food. If you’re going to stick to a regimen you’ll need food that you’ll look forward to eating.

This book will make you smile. Sophie has a chatty style that’s full of humour. The chapter headings give you an idea of what’s in store: Social Butterfly, Quick Fixes to fit into that Little Black Dress, but the most fun is Turn up the Heat!

This doesn’t seem like diet food. It’s smart and tasty stuff and you could easily eat it for every meal and not feel like you deserve a medal. The Vine-leaf Wrapped Chicken with Ricotta, Pine Nut and Mint Stuffing is a lovely example of a dish that looks spectacular, is easy to execute and won’t break the bank.

Banana Strudel with Chocolate Sauce is bound to be a winner. Sophie tells us that dark chocolate contains antioxidants! For that fact alone, Sophie, I am truly indebted!

Fabulous Food – Sexy Recipes for Healthy Living is an attractive and well written book that you’ll want to own… or give to a special someone.

Fabulous Food
Author: Sophie Michell
Published by: Sphere (Little, Brown Book Group)
Price: £16.99
ISBN 978-1-84744-211-6


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018