Peru at the British Museum

Ancient Peru till 20 February 2022

The Joseph Hotung Great Court Gallery

PeruThe central Andes in Peru, South America, are one of the most geographically rich and diverse regions in the world. To coincide with the 200th anniversary of the independence of Peru in 2021, this exhibition will highlight the history, beliefs and cultural achievements of the different peoples who lived in these remarkable landscapes from 2000 BC to the arrival of Europeans in the 1500s, and the importance of their continual legacy up until today.

Preservation of many archaeological sites

The exhibition will demonstrate that the peoples of Andes had unique approaches to agriculture, economy, gender, power, and beliefs over thousands of years and it capitalizes on the unique preservation of many archaeological sites in Peru. Objects will include ceramics, textiles, metal, wood and feather objects thousands of years old, drawn from both the British Museum collection and a large number of special loans from museums and collections in Peru and beyond. Many will be on public display for the first time to tell new narratives only now being revealed through collaborative research with colleagues and communities throughout Peru.


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