PNY Smartphone Lens Kit

PNY Smartphone lensesI think that we all agree by now that smartphone cameras can offer remarkably good picture quality. There has always been, and it’s remarked upon by traditional camera users, one limitation and that is their fixed lenses. Yes, the images can be great, but they are limited in their field of view. The PNY Smartphone Lens Kit might broaden your photographic horizons with a wide-angle lens and more.

One of my favourite technology companies, PNY offers a handy kit, and it’s bound to be popular with those of us who use smart phones just as readily as traditional cameras.

Convenient storage in one’s handbag or manbag

The PNY Smartphone Lens Kit contains four different lenses: a macro 15x, a fisheye 198°, a 0.35x super-wide-angle and a 0.63x wide-angle adaptor for the macro lens. There is a spring plastic clip, which clamps to either side of the phone and holds the interchangeable lenses. A felt bag is included in the kit to protect the lenses and for convenient storage in one’s handbag or manbag.

The lenses are of quite good quality, but care must be taken when fitting to the phone. Don’t rush the alignment as that is the key to success. It’s worth finding a Smartphone protective case that allows for a snug fit of these lenses. The PNY Smartphone Lens Kit presents different photographic opportunities to the enthusiastic Instagrammer, and the reasonable price won’t break the bank. Great fun for smart-snappers.

  • 4 Lenses:

– Super wide angle 0.35x

– Fisheye 198°

– Wide angle 0.63x

– Macro 15x

  • Case included for storage and travel
  • 2-year warranty