People’s Captain Beer

And join the Club.

I am a drinks writer. My subjects include wine, Japanese sake, spirits and, yes, beer. I enjoy a beer but I am seldom impressed by it. But People’s Captain Beer offers a point of difference. Their range is unique and with gift-quality presentation too.

People’s Captain Beer has a monthly subscription club option which would be a superb and long-lasting gift for any beer lover. The graphics on these cans are superb. The man behind all of this amazing artwork is talented street artist Nathan Bowen. They would be a talking point at any social gathering, so buy a selection for your next celebration.

With a choice of four distinctive beers, there will be something for every taste. They all work well with food and, in fact, I think they are best enjoyed as a pairing. These are sipping beers rather than boys-night-out swilling brews.

peoples captain

Stereotype – Lager

Tasting Notes: This light beer can be deliciously paired with an array of dishes, as the carbonation cuts through rich foods, cleansing the palate during the meal. Try with pizza, casseroles and curry as well as game dishes.

Islander – NEPA

Tasting Notes: The NEPA is bursting with flavours so perfect for summer al fresco dining. Try alongside roast pork or pork escalope. Works well with fruit cake and cheese, too!

Legend – APA

Tasting Notes: People’s Captain Beer APA has citrus notes which cut through spicy foods such as Mexican, Thai and Indian dishes. Works well with robust cheese as well.

‘Tis The Saison – Saison

Tasting Notes: This is a traditional French Saison made with bellesaison wild yeast. This has a very dry, crisp and more spicy/herbaceous expression, rather than floral.  A perfect choice instead of a cocktail before dinner.

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