Oppo – a lighter treat

oppo gift
Oppo Brothers produce award-winning ice creams and they are healthier than many others on the market. The tubs are up to 60% lower in calories.  Because they are also lower in sugar you can treat yourself more often.

My dear reader will know that I seldom cover freefromslightinswithouts – and ‘wholesome’, which is often the most off-putting description of all. Oppo ice creams are great desserts which just happen to be guilt-free. I expected a little compromise on texture, perhaps flavours a touch diluted. No to both the above assumptions.

The fresh milk comes from local meadow-grazed cows. The key flavour ingredients come from across the globe.  The list of aromatic spices reads like a travelogue penned by a partnership of Ali Baba and Christopher Columbus. The ice cream flavour combinations are well-chosen and well-balanced …and delicious.

Double Salted Caramel is a showcase of lower calorie innovation. This was going to be a test. How could caramel come in at 178 calories per half tub and still be convincing? It’s made with Peruvian Lucuma Fruit, a healthier alternative to Caramel.  I hope that constitutes one of my 5-a-day!

And delivery too!

If you are looking for a plant based, non-dairy option then Very AlmondBerry and Simply the Zest will be your treats of choice. But how about ordering a Gift Box with a 1-month subscription to please the whole family? You will be able to try a selection of six from the extensive Oppo range of ice cream flavours and styles. The home delivery service includes a Gold Tasting Spoon along with Ice Cream Tasting Notes, personalised card, and subscription codes for ice cream delivery so the lucky recipient can choose their favourite flavours – in tubs or sticks – 6 products each month. You choose when the gift box is to be delivered. When ready, the recipient goes online to order the ice cream using the subscription codes in the box.


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