Old Hopking Dark Rum

Old Hopking AldiMany, in the past, viewed Aldi as something of bargain basement supermarket, but that perception is changing. Yes, they sport attractive price tags on their goods but that, at least in my experience of the spirits department, doesn’t indicate a lowering of standards – just the price. Old Hopking Dark Rum is another Aldi gem.

This week I reviewed a rum and it’s just my preferred style. I am not a great lover of white Cuban varieties of rum over these cool months, so Old Hopking Dark Rum was going to be interesting.  It didn’t disappoint. The label is old-school with a sketch of a sailing galleon just to remind buyers that this spirit has its origins in the Caribbean islands.

Brown sugar richness

Once again Aldi offers its shoppers a great value spirit with those classic qualities that dark rum lovers will enjoy.  Old Hopking Dark Rum has that brown sugar richness and dried fruit sweetness that just begs for a garnish of a log fire and a good book. It’s a delightful sipping rum but also makes a rather good hot toddy. Try a dash of this rum when making a caramel sauce.

Appearance: clear, dark amber. Plenty of legs

Nose: rich brown sugar, dark chocolate

Palate: fruitcake, brown sugar, toffee, citrus

Finish: full mouthfeel, medium finish

ABV: 37.50%

Bottle Size: 70cl

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