Bayou Bar Hurricane Cocktail

Bayou Bar, the first permanent offering from London’s renowned Street Food Union team launched earlier this year is serving up a carefully selected small but perfectly formed range of cocktails in tribute to their New Orleans inspired roots.

The drinks menu, created by the team’s mixologist Toby Steinberg, delivers authentic drinks like The Hurricane, The Sazerac and frozen Daiquiri’s from our slushy machine but for those who can’t make it down to Tooting we’ve created these home bar friendly versions so everyone can have a try!

Bayou HurricaneThe Hurricane


1  shot measure of dark rum

1  shot measure of spiced rum

1  shot measure of lemon juice

 1  shot of passion fruit syrup


1  slice of orange

1  cocktail umbrella


In the tallest fanciest looking glass you can get your hands on, pour in the dark rum, the spiced rum the lemon juice and the passion fruit syrup.

Fill to the top with crushed ice, and furiously muddle (covering the top of the glass using your hand and a napkin will aid in not making too much of a mess). (This must be done with the longest and most decorative family spoon you have.)

Top up the glass with crushed ice, then garnish with the orange.

The final and most important step – take the umbrella and pull it through your hand to mimic a hurricane struck umbrella.

Sit back, relax, repeat.

Visit Bayou Bar here:

Unit 4-10, Broadway Market, Tooting SW17 0RL


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